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Erzetich Perfidus


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It's fast! It's powerful! It's evil! It's Perfidus!

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Audiophile Class-A Headphone Amplifier

It's fast! It's powerful! It's evil! It's Perfidus!


This class-A headphone amplifier will blow you away. Literally. It is so fast and powerful that you need to handle it with care. But do not worry - we tamed it. With its super detailed reproduction and speed it will take your perception of music to another level. Classical orchestras will be more alive than ever and rock music will be beaty as it can be only on a live stage.

Perfidus is your ultimate choice for your headset amplification.

Behind the scenes:

"This unit was called In-Cubus (yes, Incubus) in the first stages, because it was meant to be in a cube-like chassis: power supply at the top and amplifier circuit at the bottom. It didn't work out as expected because of a too strong interference from the power supply, no matter how well it was electro-magnetically isolated. Plan B: put it in the Bacillus' chassis, only longer. The amplifier turned out to be very precise and uncompromising towards bad recordings. In fact, you could hear all of the mistakes of those not-so-good recordings. Perfidus seemed a good name, also because it is contextually connected to the initial Incubus. This was also the most complicated of our projects because, like Bacillus, we wanted to put it in as small a chassis as possible. That brought plenty of adjustments and thrown away PCBs. Perfidus seemed a suitable name again."


-       WIMA high quality pulse input capacitors

-       class-a power amplifier

-       highest grade audiophile op-amp

-       Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer

-       gold plated RCA connectors

-       no output capacitors

-       on-board 2 x 15 V/15 W stabilized power supply

-       40.000 uF power stabilization capacitors

-       robust aluminum chassis

-       RoHS compliant


"It is a deep, beautiful rich box. Previously I was using the headphone amp of a very well respected converter and what I can say is that your amp is:
- less harsh
- has greater low (and lower mid) end depth
- It makes listening to music a more pleasurable experience. It feels good. Even MP3’s!
I have Focal Spirit Pro headphones which I always felt were a little forward in the top end but this puts everything back into place."
Billy Gould (Faith No More)


"It's great! It made my little house studio feel like I'm recording in Rockfield Studios."
Benji Webbe (Skindred)


Headphone impedance:           

8-600 ohm

Frequency response:   

4 Hz-40 kHz, -1dB

THD (1 kHz):

0.007 %


0.077 %

Power consumption: 

15 W

Power supply input voltage:

230 V/50 Hz or 115 V/60 Hz

Dimensions (W x H x D): 

110 mm x 64 mm x 280 mm


1325 g


Bright and quick



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Erzetich Perfidus

Erzetich Perfidus


It's fast! It's powerful! It's evil! It's Perfidus!