Terms and conditions

We advise you to read following terms and conditions (from now on T&C) before using our web store.

Following document defines terms and conditions about buying and selling products that is managed from company. T&C are written in accordance to Slovenian law » Consumer Protection Law(ZVPot)«. d.o.o. reserves the right to change T&C, without prior notification. We suggest you to regularly follow T&C since all changes are binding for all users.

T&C are defining relationship between customer and seller ( d.o.o.), further on it defines obligations and rights of users.



During registration user gets password and user name, which is the same as his e-mail account. Username and password are unique. Only registered users can place orders through our web store.

Once you place an order you confirm that you fully accept this T&C.



All prices web store are in EUR, VAT included. Prices in web store refer only to procurement on-line, and can be different form regular prices. Prices are valid at the moment of placing an order and do not have longer validity. d.o.o. reserves the right to change prices, without prior notification.



Deadlines for special offers are written beside the offer and can be different from offer to offer.



  1.     Registration or. login in web store
  2.     Choosing the articles and transferring them to chart
  3.     Placing an order with choosing delivery terms and payment


Once you complete above steps, your order will be placed in waiting line. The customer has maximum two hours to cancel the order with e-mail on All orders are saved in “Archive” on server.



PREPARATION IN PROGRESS - we received the order and will be preceded in one or maximum 7 working days. If the ordered article is on stock it will be dispatched in two or maximum 7 working days. For articles that are not on stock, delivery time is written beside the article in web store. Delivery term can be postponed in accordance to postponed delivery time of the manufacturer. The buyer will be informed about postponed delivery date over an e-mail.


AWAITING FOR PAYMENT – we received the order and we are waiting for prepayment

PAYMEN ACCEPTED – we received your payment

SHIPPED – an article has been dispatched to customers address for delivery. In case the customer will not be at home when carrier arrives, carrier will leave a note with further instructions.

DELIVERED – The package has been delivered to the customer and the order is officially closed

CANCELED – The order has been canceled and closed



You can use all following ways to pay for ordered articles. For articles that are not on stock and have delivery time longer than 10 day, the only possible payment method is pre-payment. 

-       C.O.D. (Cash on delivery) (only in Slovenia)

If you choose this method you will pay the amount to carrier when they deliver you ordered package. The carrier will charge you commission for this service. The highest amount to pay with this method is 1.000 EUR. In case your order exceeds this amount, we will send you proforma invoice for partial payment.

-      Bank Wire

Once you place an order, you can access the proforma invoice in your account. The proforma is vaild for 5 days. When you are making money transaction, please make sure you refer to proforma invoice number, so we can match your payment with your order.

-      In cash at our headquarters

After prior notice, you can pay the artickles in cash at our headquoters.

-        PayPal will withdraw the money from your PyPal account after confirmation that product is available. Otherwise the amount will stay at your account. We will inform you about the status of your order your account or e-mail.



Consumer has a right to resign from contract in 14 days after receiving the goods. The attempt to resign from contract has to be notified on e-mail After written notification the consumer has up to 30 days, to send back the goods at his own costs. The goods should not be used, have to be undamaged and sent back in original package with original invoice. Consumer will get refund for complete amount of payment (including costs of shipment) at soon as possible, but not later than 30 days after receiving written notification about resignation. This paragraph does not refer to legal entities.  

The consumer has to return the goods on official address of d.o.o.

Cankarjeva ulica 9c, p.p.176

6000 Koper

We will not accept the goods that will be sent with “payment at delivery” method! 


If the article is not working or is not working according to your expectations, please inform us on before sending the goods back. We can offer you some advices or explanations that will help you.  We can help you to avoid using the product in a wrong way that can lead to damaging the product or other things.



You are not allowed to use goods that you decided to return. The right to resign from contract does not give you the right to use goods for 14 days. It only allows you to test the product as you would do it in shop.


Goods that cannot be refunded:

 - Audio or video record, computer programs and video games if you opened safety seal or if you opened original packaging;

- Products adapted to personal needs of a consumer;

- Products ordered at personal wish of a consumer;

- e-products that were downloaded from internet;

- products that cannot be re-founded due to their nature, including products with expiration date;

- personal computers that were design according to personal needs of consumers, including installing HW and SW;

- products that are partly or completely assembled at consumer,  

- Batteries, battery pack, accumulators, cables, light bulbs, components or any other products where the safety seals where open,

- single use products,

- spare and replacement parts,



If the products have warranty it is written on the warranty sheet and on the invoice. Warranty period is written of warranty sheet. Warranty is valid when all the instructions on the warranty sheet are followed and original invoice is submitted. Date of sales is date on the invoice Info abut warranty is also written on the web store within the product information.

The customer can claim warranty directly at the manufacturer or though importer/distributer – company The attention to claim warranty have to pre prior notified on the e-mail or post mail in accordance to instructions on warranty sheet. According to additional instruction the products should be sent back in original packing.

Warranty is valid for:

device including mother board, remote control and adapter. Warranty period for remote control is 12 months, except if is written different on the invoice or warranty sheet. Warranty period for batteries (for example: laptops but does not include alkaline 1,5 V battery pack) is 6 months, except if is written different on the invoice or warranty sheet.

Warranty cannot be claimed for consumable material like HDMI or USB cables, or other parts that have no direct impact on functionality of device (like battery, pedestals,... )

Warranty cannot be claimed when:

* functionality is affected because of wrong handling, negligent, physical damage or. damages caused by force majeure  (lightning, power surge)

* unauthorized person was intervention in device or. the intervention was handled without our written authorization. This does not refer to installing hard drive, unless it was installed with carless and negligent.

* modifications are implemented

* When improper parts are assembled like wiring components such as switches, potentiometers, connectors, etc.

*device was used with parts that at not originally on or. with device

* device was plugged to wrong voltage or current

* defects accure as consiqunse of  fuses shortcuting or using wrong fuse

* defects accure as consiqunse of wrong fireware instalation

* serial number and/or MAC number has ben demaged or removed


Warranty is valid only for products that were bought on  web store.



All personal or other data that you will share with us, will be protected in accordance to Slovenian law (Zakon o varovanju osebnih podatkov) in will not be forwarded to third parties. All data shared with us, will be used strictly for business of company.

Once customer registers in web store, he gives permission to company to collect and use his personal data that he shared. All shared info during registration and orders are shared permanently in our system that is well protected. In case of intruder, does not hold responsibility.

Shared data will be used for customer services like sending offers, invoices and other documentation. They will occasionally also be used for sending you some marketing material. Once you will inform us, that you do not wish to receive marketing material from, we will obey your wish unconditionally.

Customer should also take care of protection of his data. It should make sure that his user name and password is well protected and make sure, that he has proper SW (antivirus) protection.

Web store ARCHUS.SI is using security certificate SSL of company GO Daddy.