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Zappiti PRO 4K HDR


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High-end media player featuring heavy and solid chassis, dual HDMI output, 4K 60p, HDR, DTS:X, extremely low noise power supply, zero signal output and headphone output 6.35 mm for the best possible home theater experience.

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Zappiti 4K HDR Series.
The best movie watching experience ever.

Zappiti designs and manufactures only professional grade Video Management Systems; delivering the highest quality, outstanding performance, and best possible user experience.

All of the Zappiti products are designed to provide our end-user customers with convenient and intuitive access to their entire movie library collection, in stunning 4K, High Definition resolution. The award winning Zappiti devices are being successfully used to improve the movie watching experience, in residential and commercial environments all over the globe. The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is the result of 1 year of intensive research and development. It combines the best performance possible with a truly unique design for high-end home entertainment. The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR supports the majority of digital audio and video formats, including the most modern HEVC video codec with one billion colors (10-Bit color encoding), all modern 3D video standards with 3D subtitles, and features heavy and solid chassis, dual HDMI output, 4K 60p, HDR, DTS:X, extremely low noise power supply, zero signal output and headphone output 6.35 mm for the best possible home theater experience.

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Lifestyle


Zappiti Player HD vs 4K HDR Range

FonctionnalitésZappiti Player HDZappiti Pro 4K HDR
ChipsetRealtek RTD1195Realtek RTD1295
CPUDual coreQuad core
Operating System32-Bit64-Bit (A63)
Cache512 KB L21 MB L2
HDMI Audio Video1.4a2.0a
HDMI Audio onlyNo1.4a
4K 60pNoYes (4K 50p/60p)
Auto Framerate24 / 60 Hz ou 24 / 50 Hz23.976 / 24 / 50 / 59.94 / 60 Hz
23.976 Hz 4KNoYes
GUI Resolution720p1080p
4K HEVC max bitrate30 Mbps400 Mbps
BD LiteNoYes (Playlists)
Blu-ray/UHD MenusNoYes
Seamless BranchingNoYes
Subtitle resolution720p1080p
Multiple external subtitlesNoYes
Multi-coding subtitlesNoYes
Default subtitle settingNoYes
Default language settingNoYes
3D subtitlesNoYes
3D depth settingNoYes
Left/Right inversion 3D optionNoYes
Photos HD4096 x 4096 pixels max8192 x 8192 pixels max
Gold-plated ports


Wi-Fi 5G


Removable Wi-Fi antennasNoYes
Audio digital coaxial outputNoYes
Zappiti Share (Multiroom video)NoYes (up to 4 rooms in Blu-ray quality)
Local network transferZappiti Transfer (up to 20 MB/s)SMB Server / FTP (up to 115 MB/s)
Max number of simultaneous transfersUp to 50 filesNo limitation


OTA firmware updateNoYes
USB firmware update
with save settings option
Discrete IR codes ON/OFFNoYes
Backlit remote controlNoYes
Smartphone/tablet controlYesYes
Music control without TVYesYes
Force SD AudioNoYes (if Core)
Android version4.46.0


Zappiti HDR Range Comparison

Pro 4K HDR
Duo 4K HDR
One 4K HDR
Mini 4K HDR
HDMI Audio onlyYesNoYesNoNo
Dual rack enclosureYesYesNoNoNo
Front-opening rackYesYesNoNoNo
Hidden rack (vertical door)YesNoNoNoNo
Rack enclosureYesYesYesYesNo
IR ExtenderYesNoYesNoYes
High End Power SupplyYesNoNoNoNo
Zero Signal transportYesNoNoNoNo
New RC with STOP buttonYesNoNoNoNo
Gold platted HDMIYesNoNoNoNo
Gold platted RCAYesNoYesNoNo
Removable Wi-Fi antennasYesNoYesNoNo
EMMC memory16 GB16 GB16 GB16 GB8 GB
High sensibility IR sensorYesNoNoNoNo
Headphone output6.35NoNoNo3.5
Rack mount kitShort EarsPlate 2UPlate 2UPlate 2UPlate 2U
Standard rack width43 cm / 16.9 in43 cm / 16.9 inNoNoNo
Front-panel USB portsYesYesNoNoNo
USB portsx5x7x5x5x3
Coaxial audio digital outputYesYesYesYesNo
Acoustic isolation feetYesYesNoNoNo


Zappiti MagicPixel v2.5.

Forget expensive outboard video processors… with Zappiti, you're living the video dream! The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR incorporates Zappiti MagicPixel v2.5 technology, which offers outstanding picture quality - far better than the previous generations - with improved dynamics, accuracy colorimetry, more contrast, solid deinterlacing and better upscaling (up to 4K resolution). Even on a Full HD 1080p TV or a front projector, you will be astounded by the improved image of your display! 3D also offers greater image depth and an impressive, immersive effect.

Zappiti MagicPixel - Pixel Enhancement

Images films:


Zappiti Magic Pixel


Direct Output.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features a Direct Output function. This powerful feature allows you to display videos in their original resolution and frequency without scaling processing. If the resolution or frequency does not match any video standard, Zappiti Magic Pixel automatically adapts the output video signal using the closest resolution and frequency. With this new feature, your picture quality on Blu-ray ISO and SD content can be greatly improved, especially if you are using high-end 4K projector such as Sony, JVC, Epson, or if you are using dedicated scaler such a Lumagen Radiance.


HDR to SDR conversion


In addition, the amazing new function Direct Output can be personalized to match your display. For instance, if your TV or projector is not compatible with SD interlaced resolutions, you can ignore 480i / 576i resolutions. And if your front projector is not compatible with 4K resolution, you can ignore it! This unique function in the world provides the best flexibily possible for the best picture quality that your home theater deserves! With Zappiti Direct Output, Zappiti MagicPixel 5 pushes the frontiers of picture quality innovation!


HDR to SDR conversion



Ultra HD 4K.

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features HDMI 2.0a output to provide the best compatibility with latest 4K video content such as 4K60p or HDR. Zappiti MagicPixel upscales your video files up to UHD (3840x2160) into 4x times Full HD! The high-quality upgrade dramatically improves video image quality.

Zappiti LogoMore info...




Zappiti MagicPixel Upscaling Ultra HD





If you don't own an Ultra HD 4K display, don't worry! Zappiti Magic Pixel converts Ultra HD video content into extremely high-quality 1080p uncompressed 4:4:4 video to enjoy 4K content on Full HD 1080p displays. This process increases the resolution by about 30% compared with Blu-ray on a 1080p TV. In addition, the HDR is perfectly converted into SDR with BT.2020 to BT.709 conversion (3D LUT) for perfect color grading. With Zappiti MagicPixel v2.5, the benefits of 4K are not restricted to large screen sizes.


HDR to SDR conversion


DVD, Blu-ray & UHD Menus Support

Display the DVD, Blu-ray and UHD menus and access to the additional contents, director's cut or theatrical version, bonus and extras, bookmarks, etc. This feature is compatible with both ISO and BDMV (DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and UHD). If you do not want to display the menus, you can start a movie immediately without trailers or warnings. The seamless branching is also supported for perfect gapless playback on director cut editions.



Blu-ray Menus






Astonishing GUI.

The amazing new Zappiti Pro 4K HDR sets an entirely new standard in Media Center with an astonishing GUI, 3D effects, motion design, reflections and optional, beautiful skins. Zappiti settings allow you to enable/disable some visual features such as top movie covers (Blu-ray, DVD, MKV, etc...), and light effects.

Zappiti LogoScreenshots...

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Zappiti Media Center V4 Groups

Several graphical templates are available (classic or silver*).

*The silver template is sold in option.

Zappiti Saga 


Sagas films are automatically placed in groups and sorted by release date. A saga cover dedicated to the collection is associated with the group and movies are displayed in a stunning carousel with great 3D motion effects!

Zappiti LogoWatch the film...



Contrôle parental Zappiti




Parental Control.

With the parental control feature, you can designate movies as "children's" and block access to other movies with a PIN code. Thus, your children can safely access only their movies! In addition, the child mode provides direct access to movies without the synopsis for greater ease of use. Finally, the parental control feature blocks access to the editing and deleting functions of your Zappiti collection for perfect safety.

Zappiti LogoWatch the film...




Contrôle parental Zappiti

Contrôle parental Zappiti


Zappiti Video Control.

Control your Zappiti player with the virtual remote control via your tablet or smartphone, explore your movie collections and enjoy most Zappiti features directly from your tablet or smartphone: edit a movie cover, launch the trailer, edit a movie sheet, mark a movie for children, etc.

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Zappiti Share.

With the new "Zappiti Share" feature, you can share video files stored on the internal (or external) hard drive to other Zappiti media players (including older generation). So with "Zappiti Share", you can benefit from a true mutiroom video system and playback up to 4 files at the same time in different rooms in Blu-ray quality! (2 in UHD quality).

You can also share other types of media files such as music or photo content.

Thanks to Zappiti Sync, your movie collections are automatically synchronized to your other Zappiti players (multiroom) and to all your computers MAC and PC!This feature is compatible with Zappiti Player 4K and 4K HDR ranges.

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Zappiti Share



Zappiti Music iPhone



Music Playback Without TV.

With Zappiti Music Control, you can control your music playback through your Zappiti media player, from your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) without the need of TV. Select the Zappiti media player you want to control and manage your music collection directly from your tablet or smartphone.

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Zappiti Db


Zappiti Db: high quality movie covers.


And in addition to movie covers collected from various databases, Zappiti offers its own base of movie covers — Zappiti Db. These thousands of posters were specially designed by the Zappiti graphic design team to perfectly adapt the Zappiti display ratio. Thanks to these high-quality movie covers available in various languages, the titles of the films are always legible, the important visual elements and the texts are not cropped, and the posters are cleaned and standardized for the best possible visual experience. At this time, the Zappiti Db movie cover database contains about 11,000 posters including the most popular and newest movies, but also many classics. And every day, dozens of new posters are added in the Zappiti database.

Zappiti LogoMore info

Zappiti Silver Skin Syno

Silver skin in option.



Zappiti Trailers
Zappiti Bonus Live.

Access to additional contents of the movies such as:  Making Of, Deleted Scenes, Extracts, Reviews, Blooper Reels, Soundtracks...

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Zappiti Trailers
Zappiti Sub.

Thanks to Zappiti Sub, you can easily download the subtitles of a movie or TV show episode, directly from the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR!


Zappiti Trailers
Zappiti Search.

Easy access to your movies or TV shows thanks to Zappiti powerful search engine combined with smart filters (actor, director, length, rating, release date...).


TV Zappiti Media Center Movie Wall

Movie Wall.

By default, the movie covers are displayed on 2 lines. But it is possible to customize the display to: 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines (Movie Wall). You are able to modify the number of covers displayed on the screen depending on the size of your TV or projector image size.

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Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Remote Control



Hi-Quality Backlit RC.

Easily control the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR media player with the IR remote control (accessory included). You can also control the player using a wireless mouse or keyboard (not supplied). In addition, the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR can be controlled by the leading brands of universal remote controls such as ProControl, RTI, Control4 or Logitech Harmony.

Zappiti LogoMore info


Direct access & shortcut buttons.

Switch instantly from one application to another (Zappiti or Explorer) using the direct access buttons: image ratio, 3D, subtitles, audio tracks, repeat mode, ... 
The remote control of the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR feature true STOP button, and direct playback access to 1 min. forward / backward and 10 sec. forward / backward.

Zappiti Pro 4K HDR RC

Wide Range IR Sensor

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features a high sensibility infrared sensor that cover a wide angle on long distance (60° / 26 ft). In addition, the remote control is equipped with two IR diodes.



HDMI Audio Only.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features two HDMI outputs – an HDMI 2.0a port for connecting to the latest UHD 4K TVs, projectors and A/V receivers, and an additional HDMI 1.4 port dedicated to audio for connecting to older A/V receivers and for better audio performances. The HDMI Audio Only port features a high-stability, high-precision HDMI clock. This design significantly reduces jitter and eliminates timing errors, allowing you to enjoy your audio & video contents with increased accuracy when you use the audio-only HDMI output port for connecting the audio signal to your A/V receiver. In addition, on the video output, the audio stream is automatically muted when the HDMI Audio Only output is used, thereby reducing the effects of video noise on the main HDMI output.




dual hdmi output





Gold-plated ports





Gold-Plated Ports.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features high quality gold-plated output ports for HDMI connectors, analog audio left/right, audio digital coaxial for better sonic accuracy and more detailed, natural sound as well as less corrosive effect in time. Zappiti gold-plated ports use advanced engineering methods and the highest-quality materials to reduce noise and interference and deliver cleaner, natural, more accurate sound from your components. Gold-plated materials are also used for Wi-Fi and CVBS ports.



High-End Power Supply (R-Core).

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is powered by a massive R-Core type power transformer, which provides superior efficiency over standard power supplies and delivers a very clean and robust power source, producing low noise and significantly lower external magnetic field interference than traditional transformers equipped with a laminated steel core. R-cores transformers offer less capactive coupling between primary and secondary (less noise getting through) than toroid transformers. They also offer better efficiency than EI cores. Sort of most of the advantages of both without the penalties of both. Finally, R-cores are more cost-effective than other types. Thanks to this high-end transformer, the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR provides christal sharp picture and an extreme black depth, particularly interesting in video projection. Audio outputs are noise-free for more natural timbres, perfect channel balance, perfect silence and breathing, and faster dynamic accents.




Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Power Supply





Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Headphones

Top-quality components.

In addition to Hi-End R-Core type power transformer, the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR uses top-quality components from famous suppliers to ensure the best possible video and audio performances such as WIMA and ERO capacitors (Germany), Nichicon and NCC capacitors (Japan), Philips diodes (NL) and JEC power connector (used in aerospace industry).




Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Headphones





High Quality Heaphone Output

For top audio fidelity the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is equipped with a dedicated headphone circuit that features a high speed ultra low distortion wideband system that's paired with a fully discrete final output stage. The dedicated amplifier is able to drive low sensitivity headphones (SPL). The headphone jack features a 6.35mm connector for compatibility with premium home and professional studio headphone models.



Zero Signal.

In order to optimize the quality of audio video signal transmission, the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR features a Zero Signal transport. By connecting your Zappiti Pro 4K HDR to a free RCA input connector of your AV receiver, the potential difference is eliminated for a perfect balance between different devices with a suitable reference level (ground). Mass loop effects (buz) are also eliminated.





Gold-plated ports




Ultra Rigid Chassis.

The 1.6 mm-thick chassis is reinforced with a 3 mm-thick steel plate rigid top cover. This solid chassis structure and overall rigidity provides low level of external vibration to the inner electronics, offering superior audio and video playback.


Zappiti Pro HDR Back




Zappiti Pro 4K HDR HDD Rack Enclosure



Dual HDD slot.

With its dual 3.5 "SATA hot-swap rack, the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is capable of supporting up to 32 TB total storage internally; the equivalent of about 600 Blu-rays or 300 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. And as it is possible to exchange hard drives, you have no capacity limit! With the Zappiti Pro 4K HDR, you no longer need to worry about storage problems.

Note: When using 2 hard drives, is able to mix contents from the 2 drives. When using more than 2 drives, it is possible to create a Zappiti collection for each hard drive.

Hard drive not included. Warning! The hard drives dedicated to servers NAS such as WD Red series are not compatibles.




The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR is totally passively cooled and does not use a fan for ultimate quiet experience thanks to its fully metal housing and ventilation holes!







 Gold-plated ports 


IR Extender.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR comes with an IR extender.

This allows you to place your Zappiti Pro 4K HDR behind closed doors in a cabinet or in another room and still be able to control them from in front of your TV. It comes with self stick tape on the back of the IR bud for easy installation on any flat surface.



HEVC / H.265.

The Zappiti Pro 4K HDR supports H.265 / HEVC up to 4K video. HEVC is the successor to H.264, with up to 50% file size savings. It also support VP9, the new open and royalty free video coding format developed by Google.




HEVC logo






Logo 23.976Hz




Zappiti Real Cinema.

Movies are shot at 24 frames per second (fps), but video files or Blu-ray typically display them at 23.976 fps. In addition, many media players or set-top-boxes typically outpout it at 24.000 Hz, a conversion that creates an irregular flow of images. The Zappiti Real Cinema maintains the original rate 23.976 fps or 24.000 fps straight through to the screen, depending on video content. You get the same, natural motion as original movie stored on a Blu-ray disc. The result is less like television, and more like the movie theater.

The video output frequency auto switch from 23.976 Hz, 24 Hz, 50 Hz and 59.,94 Hz (60 Hz). The 25p is auto up-converted to 50 Hz and the 30p to 60p.



3D subtitles.

Enjoy all your 3D BD ISO and 3D MKV MVC movies files in true Full HD quality when linked up to any 3D-enabled TV or front projector for enhanced depth and improved on-screen image detail (two times better resolution than&


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Zappiti PRO 4K HDR

Zappiti PRO 4K HDR

High-end media player featuring heavy and solid chassis, dual HDMI output, 4K 60p, HDR, DTS:X, extremely low noise power supply, zero signal output and headphone output 6.35 mm for the best possible home theater experience.